Geospatial Trend Analysis Application

Enhance Your Business Analytics with Geospatial Mapping

Trace is a business focused application that leverages geospatial data to plot businesses, assets, and intellectual property. Leverage the power of natural language queries to populate Trace’s map with answers derived from structured and unstructured data sources stored in a Layar Data Fabric. Trace harnesses powerful BERT-modeled deep learning text analytics to derive greater value and insights from the Layar Reference Biomedical Data Fabric as well as internal data assets. Gain an edge by using Trace’s trending analytics to identify terms, concepts and companies that have an increased mentions across your Data Fabric over time.

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Geospatial Analysis

Visual Data Patterns with Geospatial Analysis

Geospatial analysis adds deeper context to data with the addition of timing and location information. Axon’s map interface makes it easier for the eye to recognize patterns that were previously buried in spreadsheets and articles, such as distance, proximity, contiguity, and affiliation.

Natural Language Question Answering

Ask Questions of Your Integrated Data Fabric

Trace enables users to ask questions and retrieve deep learning A.I. answers from integrated content in Layar Data Fabrics. Trace uses a dynamic approach to continuously update the map with new information, including new media releases from connected live streams like Twitter and RSS feeds.

View Trending Companies

Utilize Terms and Concepts to Recognize Patterns

View the terms and concepts related to a company or question over time. These trends can be monitored for business intelligence, threat detection, and prospective investment opportunities.


View Supporting Evidence for Answers Derived from Vyasa Question Answering

Drill down into the scientific articles that Trace uses as supporting evidence for each company it identified for your query. Trace’s deep learning A.I. agents collect information from files across your data fabrics to return the these supporting documents for you to quickly the assess the relevance of the evidence for a given company.

Use Cases

Rare Disease Research

Rare diseases are those that affect less than 200,000 people and, as can be expected, studying these elusive diseases can be difficult. Synapse allows efficient and deep exploration of massive amounts of text data that might otherwise remain hidden.

Legal Research

Manual research is time consuming and modern search tools are limited in scope. Synapse utilizes its understanding of semantics to drive efficient discovery and allows the focus to return to the current case.


Geospatial Trend Analysis Application

A map-oriented application that leverages structured data to plot businesses, assets, and intellectual property in relation to trend and document content derived from Layar Data Fabrics.

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