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There is a wealth of biomedical information available in public life sciences and healthcare data sources. At Vyasa we’re building the world’s first deep learning modeled catalog of these sources for natural language querying.

Try our open source demo app live or download it on Github to build novel ways of connecting to the Vyasa Biomedical Reference Data Fabric.

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Layar Text Analytics API

Extract greater value from integrated external and internal text data.

Vyasa’s deep learning text analytics are an exceptional opportunity to support natural language queries in integrated internal and external large-scale document repositories. Extract information from structured and unstructured data sources stored in a Layar Data Fabric.

Deep Learning Text Analytics

Layar Reference Biomedical Data Fabric

A pre-modeled data fabric for life sciences R&D, legal and business intelligence analytics.
  • Direct API access
  • Pre-built on transformer-based models
  • Access to millions of scientific articles, legal text, patents, and more.

Learn more about the Layar Reference Biomedical Data Fabric

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)PubMed AbstractsPubMed Central (PMC) Open AccessClinicalTrialsUS Patent Office (USPTO)PubChem


A search API that delivers contextually relevant results across the integrated content in Layar Data Fabrics.


Narrow down results with filters based on metadata, such as database or year.

Query Expansion

Broaden the natural language query to include additional words or phrases to improve answer recall.


Run faster searches within the Layar data sources.


A text analytics API to identify conceptually similar words and phrases from across the integrated content in Layar Data Fabrics.

An input of “lung” will retrieve Radar terms like “lung parenchyma” and “pulmonary tissue”.

Named Entity Recognition

A concept recognition API where terms and phrases are identified and categorized in content integrated in Layar Data Fabrics.

Life Science Domain
Classify over 20 life science concept types, including cell types, proteins, diseases, and symptoms.

Business Development Domain
Classify organizations, people, authors, and locations.

Small Compound Analytics API

Incorporate Vyasa’s deep learning models into your compound screening pipelines.

Leverage Vyasa’s expertise in small compound analytics. Render compounds from SMILE strings and visualize a set of compounds based on predicted toxicity profiles generated by deep learning small compound models.

Toxicity Prediction

Perform Tox21 predictions on a series of compounds for in situ drug design pipelines.

Compound Rendering

A chemistry relevant API that renders the chemical structure for a compound SMILE string.

API Pricing


An assortment of helpful APIs for searching, rendering, and annotating across a Layar Data Fabric.

0-10 Calls


10+ Calls

$0.10 / call


A collection of text analytic APIs that support natural language querying across a Layar Data Fabric.

0-10 Calls


10+ Calls

$0.30 / call


The analytics APIs use GPU-backed compute to run our heftier analytic capabilities, like compound toxicity prediction.

0-10 Calls


10+ Calls

$2.50 / call


Programmatic access to Layar Data Fabric capabilities.

Programmatic interaction with Vyasa’s novel deep learning data fabric, Layar, for analytics on diverse data types.