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Layar is a secure, highly scalable, data fabric platform built specifically for enterprise analytics. Layar can be added to existing enterprise data architectures to augment analytics capabilities or can operate as a stand alone data fabric for text, image, and data stream integration and analytics.

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Layar API

Layar API, programmatic interaction with Vyasa’s novel deep learning data fabric, Layar, for analytics on diverse data types.

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Axon is a knowledge graph application that enables derivation of dynamically generated knowledge graphs directly from integrated data and documents sources integrated in a Layar data fabric.

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Retina is an image analytics application that offers a wide range of deep learning image-related tasks, including management, annotation and deep learning analytics on images.

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Synapse provides “Smart Table Technology” that directly connects a user’s spreadsheet content to the analytical capabilities of Layar Data Fabrics.

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Trace, a map-oriented application that leverages structured data to plot businesses, assets, and intellectual property in relation to trend and document content derived from Layar Data Fabrics.

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